How to Interview with Human Resources

Interviewing with Human Resources

In many instances, interviewing with human resource professionals is a lot different than most meetings job seekers will have with sales or marketing managers.

While smaller companies outsource their HR and staffing to recruiters, firms with a multitude of employees tend to have a HR department for risk management and employee retention reasons.

If you don’t know what to expect when interviewing with human resources, you’re not going to be prepared for the unique question and answer style that many of these employees possess.

To assist, the KAS recruitment team has listed a few ways in which the interview process with HR is different and how to leverage the information to your advantage.

We hope these are helpful!

HR Interviews Are More Formal

When compared to interviews with sales and marketing personnel at a firm, interviewing with human resources tends to be a more formal, organized process.

Often, the HR representative is looking for answers to predetermined, cookie-cutter questions.

Their purpose in the interview is not to get to know you in a personal manner.   Rather human resources exists to assess your aptitude as an employee.

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The HR Representative Will Tend to Ask More In-depth Questions

If there is one thing that human resource professionals are good at is asking questions. They interview for a living.

For instance, when a HR manager calls our recruiting firm to learn more about our services, the conversation tends to be structured and the questions predetermined.

Because many human resource employees will think about the most effective interview questions to ask well before a conversation, expect inquires that discuss what you did at your last job.