Recruiting the Effective Job Applicant

"recruiting the effective job applicant"

While there is no perfect employee, some job seekers are much more effective than others. These are the individuals who are indispensable to their companies.

By effective, I am referring to someone who delivers results. They don’t need to be micromanaged. Recruiting the effective job applicant means staffing someone who is going to deliver earnings.

Moreover, these individuals can thrive during turbulent times. Clients like them. Co-workers emulate them. He or she has a vision, sets firm goals and relentlessly pursues those set achievements.

Recruiting the Effective Job Applicant

Effective job applicants are in short supply as they carry a high demand. Often, these employees have multiple job offers. This is the case even when they are not actively seeking employment.

Their ability to make organizations money combined with multiple parties bidding to recruit them raises their asking salary price.

Regardless of asking price or availability, recruiting the effective job applicant begins with determining who can and can’t get the job done properly.

While the effective employee comes in every size and shape, they all share similar ingredients. To mitigate the complexity of staffing them, here are 5 traits to actively seek out when recruiting the effective job applicant.

"recruiting the right job applicant"

Deciphering Traits for Staffing Purposes

1. Strong leadership qualities – Recruiting the effective job applicant begins and ends with strong leadership qualities. They don’t follow. Rather, their leadership qualities allows them to innovate.

They can inspire trust. The effective job seeker is original. They are their own person.

Additionally, recruiting the effective job seeker means finding those individuals who are not people pleasers. Instead, they use their candor and self-confidence to stand up for what they believe in.

2. Desire to succeed – The effective job applicant doesn’t focus on limitations. Rather, they focus on possibilities. They consistently test themselves.

The ability to staff job seekers like this starts with the belief system that a manager can’t motivate a person who doesn’t have the drive for success.

In the effective applicant, there is an inherent drive to succeed. This is both in their personal and professional life.

They are passionate. This passion to become both a better person and better employee ends up being the foundation for their ability to seamlessly execute on the jobs that need to get done.

3. High intelligence – The effective job applicant embraces learning. They want to be involved in everything. These individuals have a curiosity that allows them to learn from errors.

Their intelligence affords management the luxury of saving training time. They realize that they are their own best teacher.

When recruiting, a hiring manager can decipher the effective job seeker by that individual’s belief that they can learn anything.

Additionally, their calm and collected manner gives them the luxury of representing their organization in a professional, composed manner.

A well-spoken demeanor derived from their intellect makes their appear more confident and leadership oriented to their clients.

4. Willingness to make mistakes – The effective job applicant enjoys the journey of success. Often, they anticipate mistakes.

Though, when mistakes are made, they possess an unique outlook on the situation. Mishaps are not pervasive, career ending events.

They consider mistakes one step closer to getting it right. Their ability to learn stems from discovering the wrong way to accomplish tasks.

They see positives in what many consider a negative. This fuels risk taking which, in turn encourages more innovation.

Conversely, the average job seeker strives for a perfection that is never there and this ambition ends up hindering their ability to truly excel.

5. Loyalty and integrity – Integrity hinders on trust. Without it, an effective job seeker quickly become average. They keep their word.

Regardless of setbacks, their personal values remain intact. Co-workers and clients alike are attracted to their dedication to do the right thing.

He or she has a vision of doing the right thing. Recruiting the effective job seeker means finding those people who possess a rigid value system.

In the End

One of the biggest issues that companies face is finding and properly recruiting the effective job seeker. When staffing these individuals look for leadership qualities that are not present in the average applicant.

You’re not going to get the recruiting process right every time. However, finding those effective job seekers will allow an organization to overcome significant hurdles and climb mountains they never thought possible.