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Pictured above, CEO Ken Sundheim as well as Senior Recruiter Gracie Maldonado.

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About KAS Placement

A firm's success starts and lives by its image both on and off the web.

An organization, regardless of how talented their sales team is, cannot reach their pinnacle without marketing and media support that is effective, creative, consistent and implemented at the right times.

Our clients come to us to find those individuals who can do just that for them.

Main Areas of Recruiting

Whether it be social media implementation that you firm requires from your next employee or whether you are looking into finding someone to help with generic search engine optimization, the media staffing experts at KAS are here to help.

KAS Placement is a leader in marketing and media staffing for both online and offline recruitment including the following:

a) Digital Media Marketing - many of our media headhunters' clients have decided to bring their digital media efforts in-house.

This change in marketing model is predominately due to ineffective vendors in the space.

For this reason, the media headhunters at KAS Placement are trained in and have a heightened knowledge when it comes to digital media and recruiting for various levels of digital media positions.

b) Online Marketing Recruiting - When a firm successfully recruits online marketing experts, they typically are able to gain significant market share and an overall competitive edge in their industry.

The aforementioned recruiting efforts also include the work of our Search engine marketing headhunters

Our Recruiting Methodology

Our media recruiting methodology is one wherein we pay to have the best, most talented recruiters to carry out your executive search for online media recruitment.

All of our media headhunters are highly trained in the various types of media staffing methods, and have the ability to not only recruit the most talented individuals, but also help your company assess what types of expertise may fit in best with your media / marketing goals.

Staffing Leaders: Executive Level Media Recruitment Policies

Three truths about recruiting leaders of a company and the positive or negative impact these individuals have:

1. The better the management of a company is, the happier and more effective the employes are.

2. The competitive drive of a company's main employee pool can be directly attributed to the C-level executives trickling down to the VP's and basic managers.

3. The moment that top management looses the trust of the firm's employees, mass turnovers are quick to follow along with trouble recruiting new talent.

Executive Search Locations

The media recruiters at KAS Placement provide employee search services for of all levels for hiring clients around the U.S. including:

New York City, Boston online media recruitment, Chicago media recruitment, Los Angeles digital media staffing,

as well as media staffing and executive search in...

Houston, Dallas, DC, Atlanta, Las Vegas social media recruitment, Minneapolis, San Diego, San Francisco and more.

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