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Ken Sundheim Sales Recruiter Background

Here is where it may be interesting to start: At the age of 21, I found myself at the University of Miami modeling for extra party money.

One day, I was asked to act on CSI Miami.  I did very well and on the show which prompted me to move to New York City.

My heart was bent on being an actor so I moved to NYC to apply to New York University.  The same day I was declined, I started the path to becoming an executive recruiter.

From then on, a drive came over me.  I told myself that I would be back to teach at the university. 10 years later, the proof is in the video.

Instead of NYU, I went to Fordham. The one thing I learned at Fordham was to be able to push myself to work hard and perform on a quicker, more effective scale than the other students.

Then, prior to becoming a recruiter, I would make a very common job search mistake.

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Above: CEO Ken Sundheim discusses young business professionals and overcoming adversity. See more recruiter videos.

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I did a mistake that many job applicants whom we work with do and took a job for the money at a very poor company.  I was an all-star there, but it mattered to nobody.

At that moment, I knew I could never get rich or be creative in this type of environment.  I think like an entrepreneur, yet I consider myself a recruiter.

In my opinion, business is about money which spawns from expertise and passion in one’s field.  I became adept at growing the business and doing well.

Starting the Sales Recruiters Firm

As a young CEO, I get to enjoy my life.  Backtracking for a moment, I was given a $3,000 loan by my parents (2 months rent) and ate eggs whites to get my company off the ground.

Anyone can thrive when the money is there, only the strong can succeed under great deals of stress and uncertainty.

I taught myself basic html and once I got a 5 page template recruitment for sales website up, I realized that I really had nothing to put on it.

My competitors would claim that they have been around for 20 to 30 years.  While my “can-do” attitude in executive search was high, my experience was a “0.”

I first put something together on which I sent to my entire family.

"sales management staffing"

It was exciting.  Soon, my articles became the most popular on the site.  I was then recruited to write for BusinessInsider where I published around 100 articles on entrepreneurship, job search, sales, marketing, interviewing, recruitment and other related topics.

My mom made me save some of my early clippings in the media which are below.  Soon thereafter, the NYTimes, WSJ, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, (too many) wanted articles.

The popularity peaked when we were offered a reality tv show by Bravo 1.5 years ago, but declined for reasons I can tell at some other time.

While gratifying, I soon learned the media business and recognized and it correlated with being a sales recruiter.  They were making sizable profits off of my articles and just stuck to BI publishing 3 – 4 pieces a week.

Our recruiters then taught ourselves how to do basic video editing in-house.

Then, as the medium began to become more prevalent, our sales recruiters bought 12,000 in equipment…it’s a hobby I’m a former actor.

Media Clippings

The Closing Remarks of Sales Recruiters

When it comes to expressing myself and my business, on tough days, I write about pleasant topics.

On happy days, I write about future revenue generation.

On any day, I’m just happy where I am being able to express myself freely to such a wide audience of readers, followers and fans whom I’ve helped.

Regarding sites that I’ve consistently contributed to include: BusinessInsider, The Ladders, Personal Branding Blog, Brazin Careerist, Simply Hired, Miami Herald (was just told I’m in print)….in all reality, there may only be about 10 – 15 sites that I have not written for the past 2 years that are relevant.  One is Inc, one is Mashable and the other is Bloomberg…I believe.


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