Negotiating Salary


"negotiating salary"

How to Win at Salary Negotiation

In most circumstances, a job seeker cannot change his or her financial situation via negotiating salary.

The most effective interviewers KAS’s headhunters deal with are able to add about 10% – 15% to their salary.

Regardless, that is money you could be shopping with or using to take a couple vacations throughout the year.

Have Your Employer Pick Up the Tab

Wouldn’t a few hundred extra dollars weekly be a convenient amount of disposable income?

If you’re searching for a new job or are confident in renegotiating your current compensation package, you can have your company pick up the tab.

It’s called winning at salary negotiation. Learn how to manipulate the job offer process properly and you’ll always be paid more and never stir up resentful emotions on behalf of your employer.

Below, our sales and marketing recruiters further discuss the mental facilities that need be present in order to win when negotiating job compensation.

Incorporating Persuasion Tactics When Negotiating

"recruiting and salary"

Never negotiate a salary when feeling unfocused. If you are in any way emotional or fatigued due to low blood sugar, you cannot be fully focused. In this case, politely reschedule.

The other alternative is that you engage and due to mental fatigue you will not be able to read the recruiting manager properly. Fatigue leads to tense muscles. In turn, you risk appearing distant and nervous.

Don’t let your ego hurt your chances. Over the years, I’ve seen job applicants take a recruitment offer as a personal slight. I nor any of the headhunters who work for me have ever seen this scenario.

Only very petty or mentally ill people behave in that type of manner. It’s not a plausible explanation and should not be considered.

Once you have your ego in check, you can begin to leverage your emotional intelligence and people skills to persuade.

It’s simple.  Put yourself in the recruitment and employer’s shoes.

If you are able to clear your head and analyze the situation in a neutral manner and determine why they did what they did.

Once you know that person’s motivations, you become able to get that bonus on your weekly paycheck.