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Sales, Marketing and Media Recruiting

Started in 2005, KAS Placement has been recognized by nearly every major media outlet for their ability to deliver quick, accurate outsourced HR results geared towards both job seeker and employer success.

Recognized Recruitment Professionals

Part of the reason that our employment agency and subsequent executive search specialists have been recognized so widely for our work is that KAS keeps to a few focused areas and ensures expertise within those recruitment verticals.

These recruiting verticals include:

1. Marketing Staffing Agency - KAS's recruiters specialize in nearly all types of marketing recruitment in the Bay Area including digital marketing, social media, online media as well as traditional print and branding.

Since our employment agency's inception, KAS has helped clients find top job seekers from over 30 countries with marketing recruiting in the Bay Area.

2. Media Recruiting Services - KAS not only has a strong expertise regarding staffing media personnel in the San Francisco area: we practice what we preach. There are very few recruiting firms who have been recognized throughout major media in the way that our staffing agency has.

3. Business Development Recruiters - KAS started out staffing business development professionals of all kinds and it is still our bread and butter.

Since 2005, our staffing agency has enjoyed a turnover rate of less than 3.5% in the sales recruiting vertical helping firms and job seekers in nearly 100 different industries.

Some of the more specific sales recruitment our headhunting firm does includes inside sales, outside sales, and sales management recruiting for San Francisco firms, as well as staffing sales engineers, channel sales professionals, dedicated account managers and many more.

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