10 Terms to Know When Working With Sales Recruiters

 Business Development – In the world of sales, “business development” can mean many things, including the act of selling itself.

Business development can also refer to a professional title given to sales employees purposely leaving out the term “sales” – a word some companies associate with adjectives such as pushy, dishonest and / or aloof to client needs.

2. Channel Sales – Channel sales refers to a company utilizing other organizations to resell their product or service. This is in lieu of going directly to the buyer. Therefore, a channel sales professional will convince third party vendors to sell their product or service to that firm’s customers.

A good example of channel sales would be in the technology industry. Often, large software firms such as Microsoft will have smaller companies bring some of their products to market. These smaller organizations are often referred to as resellers.

3. B2B Sales – B2B sales is the acronym for “business to business” selling. In B2B sales, a company sells their product to other organizations rather than directly to the individual consumer. A good example is a social media or search engine optimization company selling marketing services to Fortune 500 firms.

4. B2C Sales – Often referred to as “retail”, B2C sales is the opposite of B2B. A company sells its products and / or services directly to the consumer rather than to other businesses.

Some examples of this are clothing stores and grocery markets, as well as electronic stores. Think Burberry, Safeway, Bestbuy or Amazon.  Continued.