10 Terms to Know When Working with Sales Recruiters Continued

5. Inside Sales – Inside sales is a job that entails the sales person being based at the office and doing his or her selling over the phone or via internet chat rather than physically meeting with the current or prospective customer.

In some instances, inside sales professionals will make the initial introduction to the client then pass the warm prospect (see #9) to a more senior business development representative or even an outside sales representative, who in turn attempts to close the deal.

Many times, jobs in inside sales involve heavy cold-calling (see #18).

6. Outside Sales – Outside sales is the opposite of inside sales and entails the business development representative meeting face to face with either current or prospective clients.

Outside sales jobs come with heavy travel requirements. A good example is a pharmaceutical sales representative.

7. Consultative Selling – Consultative selling is a style of sales that is based on asking potential clients questions to uncover their buying needs, then demonstrating how your product or service can meet those needs. Essentially, it is the opposite of high-pressure sales situations.

8. Cold Prospect – A cold prospect is a potential client who has not been contacted before, and thus has shown no interest in buying a particular product or service from a sales representative.

9. Warm Prospect – A warm prospect is merely a cold prospect who has shown some level of interest in buying a product or service, thus turning them into a warm lead.

10. CRM Software – “CRM” is the acronym for “customer relationship management.” These days, CRM usually refers to software that sales professionals utilize to keep track of sales leads.