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Senior recruiter Courtney Klein helps recruit for KAS's marketing recruitment as well as social media staffing clients.

Negotiating Salary

As sales recruiters we know that negotiating salary for many job seekers is often confusing and, when done incorrectly can lead to a lost opportunity. However, when done correctly can lead to a higher compensation package.

Nearly all job seekers, upon being offered a position negotiate. Though many go into the negotiation process unprepared, misinformed and, thus come out unsuccessful. Throughout the years, our marketing and sales recruiters have seen both great successes as well as offer-ending failures.

In order to avoid the latter, here are 4 pieces of advice every job seeker should consider prior to negotiating salary:

1. Approach the matter in a professional way - Anytime you negotiate salary, remain professional and keep all emotions out of the equation. Try to see things from the employer's perspective and, when requesting additional compensation keep the correspondence friendly, short and sweet.

Here is a sample sentence from an effective salary negotiation letter:


I have to tell you the proposition of becoming a team member at ______ is very exciting to me; I think I can do a great job at the firm. I've looked over the offer and a lot of it seems up to expectations. My only concern was the base salary given as I am currently making x and was hoping for a minimum salary of y."

Risk Reward in Salary Negotiation

2. Is the risk worth the reward? - When determining how much to ask for, remember that you don't want to come across looking over-arrogant or high maintenance if you can avoid doing so. Unless the amount you're looking for is significantly smaller than what you are willing to take, negotiate in $5,000 intervals...continued here.

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