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CEO of KAS recruitment, Ken Sundheim lectures graduates of New York University.

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What is Consultative Selling

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Many clients of our sales staffing and marketing recruitment agency are looking for business development job seekers with a consultative selling style. Here are some thoughts from our recruiting experts on what is consultative selling and what is not:

Consultative selling involves understanding the client's products as well as the products and business of the target market.

Consultative / solution selling involves understanding the needs of the clients and the daily concerns and buying habits of the target buyers within those companies. Consultative / solution selling involves gaining the trust of the individuals whom you are selling to in order to obtain business for a lengthy period of time as well as gain the ability to cross-sell and up-sell products.

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Consultative selling means going to sales calls with the knowledge and research of the firm whom you are selling to and envisioning their day to day activities in order to put yourself in their shoes and better sell to those individuals.

Consultative / solution selling means creating value as a business development professional and, through your expertise have the ability to separate yourself from the other firms, thus killing your product or service as a seeming commodity.

Consultative / solution selling means means asking the right questions instead of simply pitching the product or service that you are selling. Consultative selling means honesty and delivering the results that you are promising. Consultative / solution selling means going at the client's pace and understanding the inner-workings of the firms in to which you are selling.

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