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Financial Sales Recruiters

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Financial Sales Recruiters

How effective would your hiring be if you found an executive recruiting agency that not only was a clear-cut leader in sales recruiting, but also possessed an extensive knowledge base with regards to finance?

When hiring a financial sales recruiter, one of the last things your organization needs it to work with NY finance recruiters who are unable to understand not only the financial intricacies of your organization, but who can also decipher which business development professionals are going to be able to meet your company's hiring goals.

Job Seeker and Employer Information

Since 2005, the NY financial sales recruiters at KAS Placement have been widely recognized for their recruiting focus on sales and marketing personnel in the New York area for hedge funds, insurance companies, research firms and more. Our hiring clients have benefited from this expertise on a consistent basis and come back to KAS for additional recruitment needs.

Instead of staffing for all types of jobs such as hr and military, the financial sales recruiters at KAS Placement exclusively recruit business development applicants looking to make a career move and, thus posses an unmatched database of account management job seekers who are known to consistently exceed their quotas and who have the pertinent experience in financial sales.

KAS Finance Sales Recruiters

Traits and Skills

Upon recruiting business development professionals, our New York finance sales recruiters seek out certain traits in the individuals whom our headhunters recruit. These include, but are not limited to the following skill sets:

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