How Do Sales Professionals Get Rich

"getting rich in sales"

Literally and figuratively, it’s the million dollar question.  How do sales professionals get rich?

In nearly all industries, sales and account management professionals face a high degree of uncertainty.  Market demand fluctuates very quickly, smart competition is consistently improving their technological processes, and in nearly every vertical the supply for a product or service heavily outweighs the demand.

So, if nearly all business development professionals are facing environments that are arduous and cut-throat, who is making the money and how do these sales professionals get rich?


Who Is Getting Rich and How

Even though there is less to eat, sales job seekers who display the following career traits never go hungry.

1. Ferociously Ambitious and Self-Reliant – To our recruiters, ambition translates into inspired motivation for a sales professional.  Their passion for dealing with people and love of work infuses their professional self with a warrior spirit.

During times of uncertainty, the majority of account managers look to authority figures to solve their issues.  These professionals actively rely on their sales manager who is probably just as flustered emotionally.

But as we can see in Rob’s guide on plasma cutters, there are always chances to make it big, if the effort is seen!

Conversely, the sales professionals who get rich are the ones who rely on empirical evidence rather than flash emotional states.

2. Fanatically Disciplined – Even in the most difficult selling environments, effective sales representatives are able to endure the stress and hurdles through maintaining a strict work discipline.  Regardless of defeat, account executives who get rich don’t:

a. Make decisions out of fear.  Our sales recruiters see ten times more success from the business development professionals who don’t take action that is inconsistent with their core values, regardless of outside pressures.  While their competitors remain paranoid and shaken, these individuals don’t overreact to events.

b. Quickly capitulate.  In the end, it’s always the sales executive or sales manager who has the inner will to do whatever it takes to create a great outcome who wins.  Regardless of difficulty, truly successful account managers are unbending in focus.

In the End 

It’s not always the most intelligent sales professional or recruiter who wins.  Rather, advantage in business development favors those who don’t let external pressures knock them off course.