New York Recruitment

"New York recruitment"

New York Recruitment

KAS Placement assists companies in sales and marketing recruiting efforts. Since 2005, our New York recruitment agency has helped firms reduce turnover and improve employee performance.

Likewise, our headhunters pave the way for hundreds of job seekers in their quest to obtain relevant jobs. This entails contracts with leading brand names for executive to entry-level jobs.

Recruiting New York Job Seekers

We help job seekers realize career goals. Our headhunters are known for providing New York job seekers with beneficial recruitment advantages.

KAS’s recruiting process is straight forward, fast and accurate. How do our recruiters do so?

First, we implement a predictable hiring process. In recruiting, ambiguity benefits no parties.

Each candidate working with our New York headhunters has a preset amount of interviews and hiring timeframe. This is known before the first meeting.

Moreover, our recruiters maintain a trusting, forward-moving relationship with clients. Long standing association with top brands allow our recruiters to help candidates receive faster offers at higher salaries.

Also, exclusive recruitment contracts allow our headhunters to take the time to personalize each search. It’s important to our headhunters that we get to know our job seekers.

NYC Recruitment Efforts Geared Towards Employer Success

Many New York based organizations lack the time and resources to do staffing internally. Not only do our NYC sales recruiters save time, we provide access to recruitment solutions that aim to place better, more efficient employees in a timely, accurate manner.

As an employer seeking to hire top sales and marketing talent, come see how our employment agency can assist even the most complex hiring needs more efficiently than other New York recruitment agencies.

Headhunter Solutions for Employers 
In addition to providing access to a very talented job seeker pool, our New York recruiters assist with strategic direction.
  • Establish clear-cut recruiting objectives tailored specifically to your staffing location needs.
  • Maximize hiring accuracy by obtaining key information relevant to your firm’s open position
  • Define a strategy helping your firm avoid common pitfalls that lead to poor hiring decisions
"New York Recruitment Agencies"

Marketing Recruitment

"New York Recruitment"

About Our Recruitment Assistance

Seeking a new career as a job seeker?  Working with reputable NYC headhunters can significantly widen your search efforts and bring you together with some of the top employers in sales and marketing.

As the New York job market increases, KAS Placement has the luxury of additional openings providing a myriad of possibilities to forward your career.  Employers can drastically improve recruitment strategy.

Additionally, our recruitment agency works with applicants of all levels from the New York and NJ area.  Our areas of recruiting expertise span all levels of job candidates.

KAS’s jobs range from director to entry-level for both U.S. and global clients.  The recruiters’ passion for matching applicants with the right job, has earned our recruiting team unparalleled recognition.  This among other key factors has led us to be an authority in the NYC staffing field.

Customize and Enhance Your Recruiting Process

Depending on the client’s preference, our headhunters can tailor an unique client recruitment strategy.

Some clients have their own sales and marketing recruiting process. KAS’s recruitment strategy is meant to accommodate additions.

1. When needed, our NYC recruitment agency is able to integrate formal procedures, prescreening exams and processes necessary to maintain client HR integrity.

2. The dedicated recruitment executives at KAS Placement can obtain employee references as well as process background checks.