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Pictured above, Managing Director Alison Ringo.

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How much easier is your job search or recruiting effort going to be when you work with the right staffing agency?

With a 3.5% turnover rate, vast employer resources, intelligent recruiters and highly effective search methods, KAS Placement is a top New York recruitment agency for sales, sales management and marketing headhunting.

New York Recruiting Firms

As a job applicant seeking a new career, you deserve to work with New York recruitment professionals who are concerned about your career, who have the right clients to widen your job search and who are available at all times to answer questions and provide staffing insight.

As the NYC job market picks up, our recruiting firm is consistently looking for top talent in sales and marketing. We work with job seekers of all levels and consistently get mandates for clients of all sizes in 100 different verticals.

By closely working with applicants, our company becomes familiar with your recruiting preferences, job search goals, salary requirements and facilitates the interviewing process in a seamless manner helping you get the a right offer.

We strive to be the most reputable firm in the industry, upholding core values that are conducive to your success and ensuring that you only work with attentive, knowledgable recruiting professionals.

KAS NYC Recruitment for Employers

For many New York companies, finding employees who make an organizational impact is difficult, time consuming and often results in more frustration than it does success. To get the process done with, companies will settle for employees which, in the long-term are detrimental to the firm's bottom line and ability to serve its clients effectively.

Needless to say, bad recruiting can have devastating effects on any firm regardless of how good its products or services are. Simply ignoring the need for employees has similar consequences which can lead to declining revenue and market share loss.

To make our clients' organizations operate more efficiently, our NYC recruitment agency has unique search capabilities designed to mitigate staffing frustration, lessen the opportunity cost of a prolonged search and decrease the chances of hiring employees who provide no return on investment.

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