Digital Resumes for Job Seekers

Digital Resumes for Job Seekers

Career is a big part of your life. Creativity is as well. Our job seeker digital resume combines the two necessities and lets people know who you really are.

Often, job seekers in marketing, sales and sales management want an online presence that shows off their creativity, ranks in the search engine for their names, is programmed well and reflects them both as a person and a professional. However, they don’t possess the time.

That is where KAS’s digital job seeker resume comes in. Via partnerships and internal marketing capabilities, our headhunters provide that is not only professionally beneficial, but is fun, too.

Our digital resume comes with access to our huge database of resume formats and content as well as additional key job seeker information. We provide this to job seekers for a small monthly fee.

Our recruiters provide all the photo editing capabilities and are in the process of recruiting top professional digital content editors.

We are also planning on working on a partnership with a stock photography site.  This is to allow our job seekers to choose the way they express themselves.

Professional Credentials Section

This section would be a very brief intro regarding the job seeker’s professional career with a downloadable digital resume.

Digital Job Seeker or Professional Video

Often, job seekers who come out with digital videos mean well, but their content, number of views and video quality end up having the opposite of the desired effect.

However, our recruitment team can change all of that.  Additionally, this section would be helpful for creative individuals who have their own YouTube channel or production expertise.

If a job seeker wanted to add a video to her job seeker digital resume, we can arrange for them to connect with a talented, price effective producer.

The recruiters at KAS Placement will even negotiate the price for the candidate.

Then, the video would be placed on KAS Placement’s YouTube channel (as well as digital partners channels to ensure exposure).  For formatting purposes, the job seeker would have a very brief explanation of the video.

In this video, Ken Sundheim discusses careers, resumes and recruitment on Fox News.

Additional Job Seeker Pictures and Social Media Links

Because we are a recruitment firm, not a social media site, job seeker digital resumes get to display their desired links through chosen imagery.

There are also extra slots for personal photos as our recruiters feel it’s important that job seekers are allowed to tell employers who they are.

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