How to Tell If The Company You Are Interviewing With Is Good

It’s simple – if you work for a good company, you’re going to be worth more on the market than those who gain employment with “so-so” firms. This is not to mention that you will learn a tremendous more working under intelligent, engaging and dedicated individuals.

Though, if you’re a younger job seeker, your perception is inevitably going to be skewed when it comes to deciphering a good company from that of an average firm. This is mainly because every company out there tells the interviewee how great they are even when the sky is not the limit.

Simply because a company is large doesn’t translate into good. Likewise, a small company doesn’t necessarily translate into entrepreneurial. Each firm needs to be looked at individually and, as an interviewee here are three things to assess.

1. Organization and Processes – The best companies are highly organized and have definitive job descriptions laid out for their employees. As a job seeker, stay away from very grey areas and disorganized companies.

Despite what they may claim, their processes will inevitably tell the truth. For an employee to grow, there must be growth potential. For there to be growth potential, revenue spikes must exist and for increased cash flow to happen and continue, the company needs to be organized.

2. Marketing – When you’re going to go for the job after this one, any effective hiring manager is going to look at the website and do some research on the firm that you last worked for.

Prior to taking this job, think of it from that person’s perspective. Would the next company want to hire you after working at this job? Image may not be everything, but to future employers you can bet that it’s something. Therefore, whether you like it or not, they are looking to judge the firm by its marketing.

If the company is off the map regarding its marketing, the typical advice I would have is to stay away.

3. People and Atmosphere – You’re only as good as the people whom you associate with and those people are going to be your co-workers regardless of how much or little influence you may think they will have on you.

If you think that the people don’t care about their career, you’re probably correct and if you think that they will drag you down with them, you’re definitely on point. Surround yourself with capable individuals who are energetic and appear to be happy.

If you have any doubts regarding this, stay away from the position. A good company begins with its people and appreciates them. Use your intuition.