How Google Jobs May Change in 2014

Recruiter Speculations Regarding Employment at Google

This is a continuation of a Forbes article published by our sales headhunting team.

The right reasons for wanting to be recruited by the Google staffing team:

Remember that R.E.M song “Shiny Happy People”?  Our recruiters apologize for putting the lyrics in your head.  Though, when you walk down the hallways of the organization, you are engaged with people who, for the most part are happy individuals.

The majority are highly goal oriented, take a lot of pride in their work and some are even game changers in their field.  There is also cohesion, not jealously.

"ken sundheim interviewing tips"At some companies, employees spend the bulk of their time trying to screw each other. At Google, it seems that personal achievements are met with a more humble, mature outlook.

When Recruiting, the Small Things Aren’t Always so Small

As the CEO of KAS work takes me to a great deal of organizations. At these firms, most employees don’t acknowledge each other’s existence, rarely are there friendly greets between them (at least sincere ones) and HR can be less experienced meaning that I typically uncover some rotten eggs that are killing moral.

At Google, people smile at each other. They say hello to the security guard. Best yet, all sense of accomplishment is deserved, but rarely publicly displayed which is priceless.

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