Marketing Recruiting

Marketing Recruitment

Please note that the following marketing staffing information is geared towards hiring managers.  Job seekers can kindly find more information at the following marketing recruiting page.  Thanks for your patience.

Our recruiting services cover all aspects of marketing. Regardless of industry, our headhunters are able to provide in-depth insight as to the types of job seekers who will create or contribute to a corporate image that fosters sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Our recruiting expertise ranges from digital marketing recruitment to staffing brand strategy employees. We take into account specific details about each client in order to customize a marketing recruitment strategy that aims to meet the organizational ambitions of that firm.

Experienced, Proven Recruiting

For the past 12 years, our headhunters have been known for recruiting game-changing marketing employees of all levels across all major customer verticals.

From marketing managers to entry-level digital assistants, our headhunters are able to deliver tailored recruitment results quickly and accurately. In addition, clients enjoy multiple dedicated account managers to facilitate open communication. Ultimately, this results in a smooth recruitment process.

KAS Placement boosts success efforts for marketing director recruiting search for growing consumer goods firm.

Making Marketing Recruiting Easier

Not only does our executive recruiting team make hiring assignments easier, our process is faster and we find better employees.

Whether it be entry-level marketing recruitment or your firm is hiring your next marketing, the headhunters at KAS have proven expertise, vision and business acumen to ensure that your recruiting significantly improves.

Also, our headhunters bring the following advantages to clients:

  • Access to top marketing applicants
  • Longer hiring guarantees
  • Expert recruiters assigned dedicated to your organization’s recruitment project
  • 97% project completion rate

Provider of Top Marketing Recruitment Services

For the past 12 years, our recruiters have been designing winning recruiting strategies for some of the world’s top brands.  In order to service client needs, our marketing recruiters have experts ready to help organizations with the following types of marketing recruitment jobs.

  • Marketing Manager Recruitment
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • Digital Marketing Recruitment
  • SEO / SEM
  • PR and Event Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Support Jobs
  • CRM Analyst
  • General Sales Support

Increasing Recruiting Accuracy Through Knowledge

Throughout the years, our marketing recruiters have found that smaller and mid-size HR departments need additional assistance to get marketing recruitment done correctly.  The complexity of marketing has been building over the years and is consistently changing. Now, marketing is just as technical as it is creative.

This presents a multitude of challenges for HR reps, hiring managers, the majority of recruiters and anyone involved in the marketing recruitment process.  Simply stated, if your recruiter does not know marketing, there is little way to determine if you are hiring a producer or a job seeker who knows how to write a resume and interview.