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Pictured above, KAS's Managing Director Alison Ringo

KAS Placement - Digital Media Recruiting Services

Headhunters in Digital Media Who Truly Know Media

Founded in 2005, KAS Placement is a clear-cut, highly recognized leader in providing digital media executive search services for nearly all levels of employees and throughout 100 different industries.

Our executives at our firm are highly knowledgable regarding all media facets and have been mentioned in nearly every major media outlet for their ability to take a unique approaching to digital media recruiting.

Since 2005, our media staffing firm's excellence and dedication to both our clients and job candidates has led us to be one of the most recognized search firms throughout the U.S.

Media and Marketing Recruiters:

1. Digital Media Recruiters

Our digital media headhunters at KAS Placement are highly trained on not only locating and recruiting the necessary employees, but also with in-depth knowledge to help our clients determine the different scope of job applicants who would probably be worth interviewing for a particular position.

2. Online Marketing Recruiting

Depending on definition and often varying with industry, the terms "online media recruitment" and "digital media recruitment" can mean very similar things or they can also refer to opposite styles of marketing plans.

This is precisely what allows our recruiters to be of the most help to our digital media executive search clients.

Our executive recruiters are quickly able to determine what it is you need, make our recommendations and quickly execute the staffing engagement.

Year over year, the importance of recruiting the right digital and online marketing employees has increased astronomically.

3. Search Engine Marketing, SEM and SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO strategies have become more and more prevalent to a company's marketing plan and their overall success as a company; so has recruiting SEO and SEM employees who can deliver results.

Whether your firm is doing a generic search engine marketing campaign, a PPC search engine marketing campaign, neither or both, the digital media and online media recruiters at KAS speak your language.

Recruiting Locations

New York City, Boston online media headhunters, Chicago media recruitment, Los Angeles digital media staffing, Houston, Dallas, DC digital media recruiters, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, San Diego, San Francisco digital media recruiters and more.

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