50 Questions to Ask on a Marketing Interview

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50 Questions to Ask on a Marketing Interview

1. What type of marketing is the firm doing now?

2. What has the firm done in the past?

3. What is your ideal marketing campaign?

4. What is the end-goal of the marketing initiative?

5. Do you plan to outsource any of the marketing?

6. What are your expectations for this individual?

7. What are your competitors currently doing in terms of marketing?

8. Where do you see this individual if they complete the necessary tasks in 1, 3 and 5 years?

9. How long has the job been open?

10. Are you marketing towards existing clients or to obtain new business?

11. What type of support is this individual going to be given?

12. In what length of time do you expect to see results?

13. Has there been anyone in this role before? How did they do?

14. What hurdles do you foresee this individual running into?

15. How would you like your company to be perceived by the public?

16. Whom would I be reporting to?

17. What is a typical day like?

18. What do people like about working at the company?

19. Where do you see the firm in the next few years?

20. When do you plan to hire someone?

21. What is the flagship product or service?

22. What is your ideal background for this job seeker?

23. Who is your target market within the companies that you sell to?

24. How did you start at the firm?

25. Who is your main competitor(s)?

26. How closely will I be working with the sales team?

27. How effective is the sales team right now?

28. Who does the web design?

29. What is a typical day like?

30. How much creative flexibility will this person have?

31. What is your customer (or buyer) retention rate right now?

32. How are you currently getting your marketing statistics?

33. Where is the major area(s) of improvement?

34. What type of training will this individual receive?

35. Is your firm doing any form of paid advertising right now? What is it? How is it working?

36. How relevant is e-commerce to the business model right now?

37. Geographically speaking, who is your target market?

38. What are the firm’s strong points?

39. What are your competitors doing right now for marketing?

40. How much do you plan to invest in marketing initiatives over the coming years?

41. What has worked in the past with your marketing?

42. What is your firm doing in terms of video marketing?

43. What is your firm doing in terms of social media?

44. What is your firm doing in terms of search engine optimization?

45. Where is the biggest improvement needed in your marketing plan?

46. How would you describe the corporate culture?

47. Is this a replacement or add-on position?

48. What is the quota of the sales team? Are they reaching their numbers?

49. Is there any sales component to the job?

50. How reliant is the firm’s business model on effective marketing?

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