5 Tips for Recruiting Great Employees

Companies live and die by their employees. While every organization wants to recruit more efficient, knowledgeable and competent employees, some continually have trouble. Here are some tips on recruiting great employees regardless of industry or budget:

1. Write a Thorough Job Description Writing a thorough job description means giving a couple paragraphs about what your firm does, the position, the goals of the job, the compensation and any other information you want to convey to potential applicants.

Try to shy away from vague terminology such as “best.” Instead, use powerful adjectives.

Figure out what is unique about your company.

Jot down the reasons someone would want to work for you. In all, job descriptions are meant to not only be an advertisement, but also serve as a platform for pitching jobs.

2. Think Time and Benefits

When determining how you want to go about recruiting, if you want to do it yourself, great. However, if you feel that it is going to take you an undue quantity of time, hire a recruitment agency to do it for you.

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If you decide to hire a recruitment service, do your research on the organization, make sure they are reputable and speak with the company a few times prior to signing a contract.

3. Recruiting is About Sales 

Learn how to sell your position.  While interviewing, it is always best to determine what the positive aspects of working at your company are and don’t be afraid to display them.

While there may be some tougher aspects of the position, it is not effective to hawk on these points, as doing so will turn job seekers away. Think of the downsides as challenges to overcome and explain them as such.

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The number one aspect of effective interviewing is effective sales. Give the applicant the information they want and you’ll get the information you want.

4. Conduct 3 or More Interviews

Timing and due diligence play a significant part in recruiting great employees. While you don’t want to prolong the staffing process, you don’t want to rush through it.

Ideally, you want to get to know your new potential hires, but make sure you do so sooner than later, as the longer someone is on the job market, the more offers they are likely to receive.

5. Keep an Open Mind

Remember, the more specific you are in the backgrounds you need, the fewer applicants you are going to have to choose from. If you’re working within a budget, it is best to bring someone over from a different industry. When recruiting, think about tomorrow’s potential rather than today’s knowledge. It will benefit you greatly to do so.