5 Reasons Recent Graduates Aren’t Recruited

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5 Reasons Recent Graduates Aren’t Recruited

1. Over 70% of the time, entry-level hires end up not working because the grad is sold on a poor company because they simply don’t know any better and accept the job. Colleges can teach business to an extent.

Though, from what our executive recruiters have seen, they can’t help their graduates decipher which companies are good and which are going to be out of business in a year. Happens all the time.

2. A vicious cycle is started by bouncing from poor company to poor company. Employees see sales and marketing entry-level job applicants who bounce from job to job as untrainable and irresponsible. It becomes a vicious cycle. Once an entry-level job applicant takes 2 or 3 different jobs in a short period of time, their value on the open job market suffers severely. Our marketing recruiting firm sees this everyday.

3. Nearly all entry-level resumes look the same (most resumes are simply inadequate) making Ivy League schools one of the only big factors that differentiate job seekers. In all reality, there is truly NO differentiator between the entry-level sales or marketing resumes. This is one of the primary reasons why recent college graduates aren’t recruited.

There’s nothing my firm can do about it, our sales and marketing staffing consultants figure that this is due to the incompetent nature of America’s career centers.

4. 95% of students don’t know certain interviewing techniques that catch the ear of the interviewers. Getting good at interviewing is as important as having a good sales or marketing resume as without solid interviewing skills, you’re not going to close the deal.

5. The majority of career centers are comprised of individuals with no corporate experience. If you don’t know the ins and outs of hiring on the corporate level, you’re not going to be able to convey knowledge that is truly of value to the entry-level job seekers.



Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement and is a known leader in the executive search world. When it comes to sales and marketing recruiting, sources like WSJ, NYTimes, Fox Business News, AOL, MSN, Chicago Tribune, BusinessInsider, About.com, CBS MoneyWatch, MTV, San Francisco Chronicle, Monster.com and many more look to Ken Sundheim for job search advice.