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Silicon Valley Sales and Marketing Recruiters

Started in 2005, KAS Placement is a top media, sales and marketing recruiting firm helping job seekers and hiring companies throughout the greater Silicon Valley area.

Since that time, the sales and marketing headhunters at KAS Placement have become a clear cut leader in our staffing vertical with clients from over 30 countries spanning nearly 100 different industries.

Silicon Valley Sales Recruiters

KAS Placement is known for its ability to produce employers of all sizes with some of the best sales job seekers in the industry.

For our ability to effectively staff business development professionals, our headhunters have been mentioned throughout major media ranging from being a finalist on Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies list to being noticed in smaller trade publications geared towards the sales community.

This type of positive exposure has given our sales recruitment team a candidate pool that is unmatched in the sales recruiting and sales management staffing industry.

Silicon Valley Marketing Recruiters

Whether your firm is looking for a senior level marketing manager or seeking to hire a social media expert, the marketing recruiters at KAS Placement possess a keen understanding of the marketing job market in nearly all industries including, but not limited to:

Software, hardware, cloud computing, social media, digital media, engineering, construction, finance, insurance, advertising, travel and leisure and many more.

Our marketing staffing experts firmly understand that finding the right marketing team is essential to a company's success and the health of its sales team.

Therefore, our executive recruiters walk clients through the headhunting process and do our best to ensure a smooth hire with the least amount of work needed to be done on the client's side.

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