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Pictured above, Ken Sundheim CEO of KAS.

Successful Recruiting

The difference between the success and failure of any organization is the ambition, resiliency and brain power of the people who work there.

Companies use KAS because they want to compete and win in the human capital game. Recruiting great employees is competitive. You have an abundance of companies vying for a handful of industry leading, competent employees.

Hiring a Recruiting Firm

When you contract with a staffing agency, you are allowing the members of that organization to act as a direct representative of your firm to potential employees.

Needless to say, a company's image is very valuable and it's highly recommended that you connect only with recruiting firms who will put forth a great 1st impression.

Moreover, the quality of the headhunters you hire will determine the aptitude of the employees you get to choose from.

Intelligent, ambitious recruiters network with ambitious employees. Average recruiters network with average job seekers.

To Become a Headhunter

Some recruiting firms have been known to be "cold-calling" factories that don't hire top talent. Their recruiters are typically paid on commission only and with dozens of contingency contracts on their plate, employers tend to be pushed aside or given 2nd and 3rd tier applicants.

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