Pictured above, CEO Ken Sundheim as well as Senior Recruiter Gracie Maldonado.

Denver Executive Recruiters

Sales, Marketing and Media Executive Recruiters

Since 2005, the Denver executive recruiters at KAS Placement have been staffing business development, marketing and media employees for hiring clients around the Denver area.

Recently nominated as one of Forbes' 2012 America's Most Promising Companies, our recruiting firm has shown that it is not only able to produce top-notch candidates for our clients, but that our headhunters are also able to efficiently and ethically work with our job candidates.

The Recruiting Expertise at KAS

Part of the reason that our staffing agency has been so successful is that our recruiters focus on a few disciplined areas, thus becoming known and recognized experts at staffing within those disciplines.

Denver Sales Recruiters - the Denver recruiters at KAS Placement staff all levels and all types of business development employees ranging from more senior level sales recruiting to the recruitment of either inside sales or outside sales employees.

Having experience in nearly 100 different industries since the inception of our executive recruiting firm, the Denver headhunters at KAS Placement also recruit for new business acquisition as well as dedicated account management roles.

Denver Sales Management Recruiters - whether it be recruiting executive VP of Sales roles or any other type of sales management recruitment, the executive recruiters at KAS Placement are trained in-house to locate and procure leaders for hiring clients who will make a difference in their organization for years to come.

Not only do our Denver executive recruiters come with a significant network that includes some of the most effective sales leaders around the U.S. within an abundance of industries, KAS has a dedicated outbound search team run by Dawn Fang (Masters HR Penn State, PHR) to ensure that our Denver recruiters cover any and all bases when staffing.

Denver Marketing and Media Recruiters - to best help both recruiting clientele and job seekers, the marketing headhunters at KAS Placement are rigorously trained regarding the different marketing tactics that encompass today's marketing strategies, including some of the following areas: social media recruitment, as well as digital media recruiting and search engine marketing staffing in Denver.

Learning More About Our Denver Executive Recruiters:

KAS Placement has experience staffing for large, publicly traded companies all the way down to recruiting for mid to small size firms looking to increase market share in their respective industries.

Whether it is a large recruiting engagement or a single employee your company is looking to staff, or you are a job seeker looking to make a potential career change, the executive recruiters at KAS Placement are more than happy to show you how we work.

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