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When looking for a sales job, there are a few factors that you should consider and a few tips that you ought to use upon interviewing. Here are just a few of these methodologies our recruiters believe in:

1. Sales professionals must only work for companies that have products or services that they believe in. If a sales representative does not believe in his or her product, they should not expect the target client to.

2. Write an effective sales resume - The best sales resumes include a few important facets that should be present in just about any business development CV. These include, but are not limited to the job seeker's skill-set, average quota (including whether they met or exceeded that number and by how much), which type of organization you have sold to in the past, industry expertise and size of average sale.

3. Know what the interviewer wants - All sales interviewers want similar traits and skills. Aside from industry knowledge, the majority of employers who approach our recruiters want someone who has consultative selling skills and can drive revenue for the organization.

For more recruiting tips for sales jobs, please see the below links. Our sales and sales management recruiters consistently welcome top business development professionals in any industry.

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