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Pictured above: After being hired at KAS Placement, Courtney Kline was quickly given the title of senior recruiter at KAS due to her keen ability to decipher and procure the best social media applicants for our recruiting clientele.
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KAS Placement Recruiting

Recruitment Marketing

The marketing head hunters at KAS Placement recruit marketing and social media professionals throughout the United States and Canada in nearly all marketing verticals and levels including:

Director Level Marketing Recruitment

1. Recruitment for Marketing Director and CMO level - upon recruiting executive level marketing personnel, the executives at KAS Placement are the most hands-on during the process. This includes our CEO Ken Sundheim (NYTimes, AOL, DowJones, Forbes) who does all of KAS's marketing as well as Managing Director Alison Ringo who among other things was a Finalist to be on Jeopardy!

When it comes to marketing recruiting and staffing at such a senior level (where executive responsibilities are also thrown in) our head hunters feel that it is not only important, but it is crucial that the client is represented by marketing recruiters who not only know the advanced theories on marketing, leadership and organizational structure, but who also live it on a day to day basis as well.

Social Media Recruitment

2. Recruiting for Social Media Positions - As the search engines increase their rankings based on social media presence and older generations begin to use social media sites like Facebook daily, social media recruitment for many organizations has become almost separate from traditional marketing recruitment due to his immense importance.

In the eyes of our marketing recruitment team, there is a big difference between job applicants who can Tweet and job applicants who know how to integrate each and every social media platform into a business plan that is geared towards making our client competitive in their space.

Our headhunters feel that being able to decipher the former from the latter not only justifies our marketing recruiting fees, but our knowledge base prevents our clients from wasting their time recruiting social media applicants that are not a fit within their organization.

General Marketing Staffing Services

3. General Marketing Recruitment - At our recruiting firm, we define "general marketing recruitment" as a position where the job applicant will be focusing on multiple areas of marketing (sometimes even sales management or business development as well) which can include things like helping with the branding of the client's company or any other day to day marketing needs of the hiring organization.

In the eyes of our marketing recruiting firm, we see no less of an importance recruiting these types of positions, rather many times staffing marketing personnel that is highly well-rounded can be all the more difficult.

Primarily, the reason behind this perplexity is that our head hunters must prioritize the marketing or social media needs of our client, then match that with the skill set of the job applicant. For instance, a client will come to KAS saying they need an employee who knows digital media, print, branding and Adobe and, upon getting that request, our marketing recruiting team must decipher between each applicant which are their stronger points.

While our recruiting firm possesses the knowledge to do so, this can be a very intricate process not to be taken lightly.

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Regardless of whether you are a job seeker or employer, to learn more about the marketing recruiting services that KAS Placement provides, please see the below links. Our recruitment team looks forward to hearing from you.

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