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Pictured above, CEO Ken Sundheim as well as Senior Recruiter Gracie Maldonado.

Above: CEO Ken Sundheim has been featured in Forbes, WSJ, NYTimes, USA Today and more.

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Without Proper Marketing

Marketing is the lifeline of sales. Without proper marketing, a sales team has little to no leverage when pitching a product or service. Conversely, without a superior sales team, marketing efforts can be nothing short of spectacular, but will still see stagnant revenue generation.

Prior to even considering recruiting marketing personnel, our marketing recruiters DC suggest that they take an in-depth look at the areas in which their marketing can be improved and focus on those points when recruiting the marketing professionals whom they hope will make a significant difference.

High Failure Rate, Little Headhunter Success

Nearly all marketing recruiting projects done either in-house or by other Washington DC recruiters end up in a turnover or carry a high opportunity cost because the job never gets filled.

There are two main reasons for this inability for DC marketing headhunters to executive on a recruiting mandate; the main problem arises when companies use marketing recruiters who don't know the intricacies of marketing such as social media, digital media, e-commerce, product marketing and more.

Rare in the marketing recruitment industry, our headhunters are known for our knowledge as well as our efficiency, accuracy, dedication and resiliency when approaching any marketing recruitment project. Simply stated, our Washington DC marketing headhunters are able to get the job done like no other.

Marketing Recruiters DC

Whether you are a job seeker serious about a career change in marketing or are a hiring company that wants to work with the best DC marketing recruiters, the team of KAS headhunters is here to fill all of your recruiting needs. Please see the below links to learn more.

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