Interviewing with a Win-Win Attitude

KAS Interviewing Tips

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Consider some of the realizations our headhunters have become familiarized with and leverage the knowledge during your next search. The majority of job seekers go into an interview thinking about how they want the position.

They are overly concerned about the salary, benefits package or paid vacation that they are going to be offered. This is not “win-win” thinking.

Smart interviewers as well as executive recruiters can tell and are much less likely to hire you because you come across aloof to their needs.

Empathy and Job Offers

If you think of your job search as a give and take, you are more likely to interview more effectively.  In essence, employment is simply a company compensating you for services they require in order to operate as an entity.

More or less, it’s a mutually beneficial business arrangement.  Then, why should interviewing be approached any differently?

As a recruiter, it is highly rare that I come across a candidate who discusses how they can contribute to the employer’s corporate objectives.

If you want to impress a hiring manager, learn to think like a hiring manager.

A great exercise our sales recruiting specialists recommend is to set aside time prior to the meeting and actually write down what the employer wants.  The insight you can draw upon is well worth the ten minutes the assignment will take.

Additionally, by closely analyzing a job description, you can decipher priorities that this individual may have.  The moment you convince a potential employer that you can meet these needs is the same moment you receive the job offer and can begin to discuss your requirements.