Frequently Asked Questions

"FAQ Recruiter"

What makes KAS Placement different?

The difference at KAS Placement is in the recruiters at our firm.  All job seekers and employers enjoy access to our top staffing professionals.  For applicants, we have an unmatched network of hiring companies around the country of all sizes in a myriad of industries.  For employers, KAS hires only dedicated, knowledgeable and intelligent recruitment agents who are equipped to handle even the most complex mandates.

How confidential does KAS Placement keep its search efforts?

All hiring initiatives are kept highly confidential for both employers and job seekers.

What Industries Do Our Recruiters Cover?

Our recruiters have experience working in a plethora of industries including, but not limited to: finance, consumer products, fashion, entertainment, travel, insurance, automotive, publishing, food, logistics, medical, software, hardware, BPO, public relations, marketing services and many others.

What is the Best Way to Contact KAS

For job seekers, the best way to reach our recruiters is through submitting your resume.  Employers, we do accept phone calls from, however contacting us through email will yield just as quick as response?

What Skills Do We Look for In Sales Employees?

Ability to close, ability to manage accounts, willingness to hunt for new business, ability to manage a sales cycle, desire to become an expert at their field, ambition, career dedication and others.