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CEO Ken Sundheim has been published throughout major media for his expertise on recruitment and job search.

Finance Sales Recruiters NYC

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How much more profitable would your financial institution, insurance company or hedge fund be if you found the right NYC financial sales recruiters to staff business development professionals who were able to make a positive impact within your organization?

Because the recruiters at KAS Placement have the ability and network to find the best sales professionals, our headhunters have been recognized by Dow Jones, Wall St. Journal, NYTimes, Yahoo! Finance and many others.

KAS Placement is a leader is in financial sales, marketing and media recruitment. Since our firm's inception, the NYC financial sales recruiters at KAS have been working with Fortune 100 banks all the way to recruiting for long short equity funds in both the millions and billion dollar range.

Hedge Fund Sales Recruiters

In conjunction with working with some of the largest banks, the NYC financial sales recruiters at KAS Placement have an unmatched knowledge and experience when recruiting business development professionals for, among others Long-Short Funds, Market-Neutral Funds and Event-Driven funds.

Recruiting Values That Built Trust

Instead of focusing strictly on profits, the core values of our NYC financial sales recruiters are to help out job seekers throughout the New York area find positions in which they can thrive in. As a result, applicants trust our recruiting firm and give our New York headhunters the ability to provide paying clients with top sales professionals that other organizations cannot find.

Our business development recruiters are in the business of making our clients more competitive than that of rival firms as well as assisting top job seekers with the obtainment of their career goals in the financial vertical; our executive recruiters are experts at executing on both.

Finance Sales Recruiters New York

Whether you are a job seeker looking to make a career move or are a hiring manager seeking out more information as to how our sales recruiters can help you, please see the below links. The New York recruiters at KAS look forward to hearing from you.

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