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From small business to global multinational corporations, KAS Placement is the recruitment vendor of choice for many top global brands. Our recruiters are a one-stop supplier for all sales, sales management, and marketing hiring needs.

We believe deeply that our recruiting solutions will continue to receive industry-best satisfaction rates. Our headhunters continue to receive praise for implementing an intelligent staffing solution that is proven to benefit clients and job applicants.

Recruiting Better Employees in Less Time

To meet each client’s recruitment objectives, our headhunters implement a proven recruiting model that utilizes best-of-breed strategies for sourcing, screening, and short-listing candidates.

Our recruitment process maximizes the number of applicants you’ll interview. Also, our recruiters provide accurate competitive compensation data, implement a predictable resume process and include a key support structure throughout the project allowing you to focus on your core business and receive highly qualified applicants with little wait.

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Our recruiters help clients take a fresh look at person-organization fit.  We closely consider both current and aspirational corporate cultures.

Improve the wording and branding of your job message.

Make it easy for interested candidates to connect with our recruiters, apply to your open job and expand the scope of your hiring message.

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