Locating Top Job Applicants

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Locating Top Applicants

The game of recruiting is about who knows your firm and who knows you. In conjunction with having a network, our sales and marketing recruiters take it one step further and get your hiring brand recognized by the right job seekers.

We’ve been in the WSJ, AOL Jobs, Dow Jones, Fox Business News, NYTimes, BusinessInsider, Forbes, MTV, Chicago Tribune, Monster.com, About.com Sales Careers, Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Globe and Mail and many others.

We have four blogs on job search and recruiting, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook followers in the thousands, robust internal databases, 200,000 YouTube views, access to major alumni databases via lectures at major universities, access to major job boards and 44,000 incoming resumes per quarter.

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The recruiters at KAS Placement have been published over 5,000 times in the past 10 years.  From the New York Times to Forbes magazine, we are one of the most respected in the industry by intelligent job seekers.

Access to top university databases.  Our CEO, Ken Sundheim is invited to lecture on HR at top U.S. schools which provides our recruiters with unparalleled alumni databases.

Internal recruiter hiring policy receives us respect from top job seekers.  In staffing, professionalism, knowledge and reliability are crucial.  All headhunters at KAS are extremely well paid and highly intelligent.

"finding job applicants"

The KAS Placement recruitment website receives up to 48,000 resumes per year and nearly 25 per hour.  Our headhunters cater to those job seekers who are up and coming in their career and are ready to contribute to a bottom line.

Finding top job applicants through social media and video channels is a luxury our recruiters have.  With significant followings on nearly all major social media avenues, our headhunters have another route of job applicant diversification.

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