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Intelligent Job Seeker Career Platform

An Expert Career Service Designed by Top Recruitment Executives

Hiring Has Changed. Have You?

Finding a meaningful job is competitive. Making employers recognize your true value can be a complex, time-consuming process. However, getting every part of the job search process right is crucial.

Designed by KAS Placement’s recruitment executives, Intelligent Job Seeker is a personalized career service that provides expert resources and insight proven to help candidates take their job search capabilities to another level.

From cover letter to thank you note templates, persuasive interviewing tips to salary negotiation guidance, Intelligent Job Seeker empowers applicants with fully customizable job search tools.

For applicants of all levels and career goals, Intelligent Job Seeker is proven to dramatically increase application responses, improve interviewing performance and provide rare personal branding and resume insight.

By providing unparalleled knowledge into hiring manager decision tendencies and expert job search tools, IJS opens new career doors.


  • Comprehensive interview preparation
  • Insight into how hiring mangers think
  • Ask compelling questions
  • Learn strategies for stressful interviews
  • Effectively address employer concerns


  • Cover letter examples
  • Introductory email templates
  • “Thank you note” templates
  • “Checking in on next step of process”


  • Expert resume recommendations
  • See top resume examples
  • Gauge how your skills stack-up
  • Learn industry relevant buzz-words
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Accelerate Your Job Search

Many employers or recruiters prefer currently or recently employed candidates. Minimizing unemployment or irrelevant employment time periods is critical. Over 90% of participants agreed that IJS provided them necessary tools that expedited the job search.

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Expand Your Career Options

Access to expertly crafted cover letters, thank you notes, counter-offer email templates and other mission critical digital correspondence drastically reduces effort, helps address employer concerns and speeds up the hiring process.

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Overcome Hurdles

Learn to anticipate job search hurdles before they happen. IJS's advice and tools can prevent long delays between interviews, anticipate and renegotiate low job offers and facilitate a more-open dialogue with hiring managers.

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