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Since 2005, KAS Placement has been adding value to both employer recruitment processes in over 130 industries. Moreover, through our patented Intelligent Job Seeker services, we have been enhancing job seeker careers.  With clients from over 30 countries, our headhunters impact the way that executive search in sales and marketing careers is done. Our highly customized HR and recruitment teams bring expert knowledge of key staffing areas.

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Time Out New York Best Headhunters

Need to find work?  Though, don’t have the time?  These headhunters in NYC can get the job done fast.

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The Top Interviewing Tricks of Successful Job Seekers

Read the top three tactics our recruitment experts have seen that will take your interviewing to the next level.

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The Foundation of Winning Leadership

Management isn’t for everyone.  However, leadership skills embraced by senior-level executives can translate to success for any employee.

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Recruiters' Five Biggest Mistakes

Ken Sundheim estimates that nearly one of every four decisions a small to midsize business makes during the recruitment process will hurt their chances to snag prime talent.

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Phrases That Will Impress Your Interviewer

The majority of job seekers fail to impress a recruiter because they fail to incorporate dynamic, thoughtful phrases into interview answers.

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Sep. 16, 2015

4 Behaviors High Performers Have in Common

Anyone willing to pay the price can have a successful career. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of society is married to the status-quo.

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Job Search Tips for Sales Career Professionals

When an interview performance is not up to snuff, it is not a result of lack of preparation.  Rather, interviewing failure is usually the result of the wrong preparation.

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15 Sales Job Interview Questions by Recruiters

Before you apply to another sales job, make sure you’re prepared to answer these common sales job interview questions.

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The Internet's Profound Impact on the Recruiting Industry

Seeds of change were planted with the introduction of Craigslist.  Those changes further escalated with the introduction of  Nearly two decades later, LinkedIn and, in general the web would have a profound impact on the recruiting industry.

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Accurately Determine Your Worth When Negotiating Salary

Craigslist planted seeds of change within the recruiting industry.  These changes escalated with the introduction of and similar job boards.  Finally, LinkedIn would change the recruitment industry forever.