Precision Recruiting

Make no mistake: if you want a corporate recruitment approach, we are not your bet. I started my sales recruitment agency because of the ineffectiveness in the executive search realm.

There was no thinking outside the box. Personal service was a non-factor in the industry, while over payment for fees was rampant. Frankly, the recruiters that companies hired were inept in understanding crucial business aspects.

I came from a hedge fund family and, when younger, saw how they did business. I would watch my brother treat his clients as individuals, not burdens.

Proven Effective Recruitment

First hand I saw the power that a collaborative, positive atmosphere brings to the table. This is where I got the idea that new clients were going to be clients for life — if we did our job right.

Part of being able to do the right job for both our job seekers and employers means considering the competitors of the people whom we work with as our competitors.

We fight for our clients and job seekers and since we are a winning sales recruitment team, everyone seems to benefit.

Personally, it’s not the passion for recruiting that drives our headhunters. Rather, it’s our passion for seeing the companies and individuals whom we work with become better than they thought possible.

Our motto is to hire the smartest recruiters available and to relentlessly make our clients’ companies more efficient. We owe that ability in large part to the dedicated, intelligent and talented job seekers whom we work with.
Ken Sundheim

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