20 Questions to Ask a Recruiter

1. Do you work on contingency or retained recruiting?

2. What types of positions do you think I would be most fitting for regarding your clients?

3. Does your staffing agency have any particular specialities? If so, what are they?

4. Are there any changes to my resume that you think would improve my chances of getting an interview?

5. What types of companies do the job applicants whom your recruitment agency places do best at?

6. Which sales recruiters would I be working with if I went for a job with one of your clients? What are their backgrounds and have they worked with job applicants with my background before?

7. What is the best way to approach a successful interview with one of your clients? Do you have any recommendations for when I ask for salary?

8. Who are your recruiting firm’s competitors and what is the difference between your executive search firm and working with other staffing agencies?

9. What levels of job seekers does your staffing agency typically work with? What levels of compensation?

10. How could I improve my chances of getting a job with one of your recruitment agency’s clients?

11. What types of industries do your sales recruiters feel are the most lucrative to get into right now?

12. How long does your average placement stay at their current job?

13. What types of job seeker personalities are your recruiters most successful working with?

14. What is your process for setting up interviews? Do you act as the complete intermediary between myself and the client?

15. When it comes time, do your recruiters negotiate salary or does the job applicant?

16. How many companies are your sales recruiters currently working with right now? How many do you work with on average?

17. Do you think I will be better off staying in my current industry or venturing into a new industry vertical?

18. What cities (see: marketing recruiting locations) do your sales headhunters recruit job seekers in?

19. What timeframe should I expect to hear back from you following this conversation?

20. What additional information do you need from me to start the process with your headhunters?