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Ken Sundheim CEO and Founder has been mentioned throughout the business world for his ability to formulate and grow a recruiting firm that brings ethics, intelligence as well as client and job seeker concern to an industry once devoid of those traits.
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Recruitment Solutions for 2012 and Beyond

The best way to get an advantage in marketing over competing firms is to find a marketing employment agency that understands the various facets of executive search and how to find the best marketing job seekers in your respective industry.

For both job seekers and employers, KAS Placement's employment agency has some of the most effective in-house executive search specialists to meet all demands when recruiting for marketing positions such as social media, digital media, online media, search engine optimization, e-commerce and more.

Employment Agency Clientele

Due to a strict focus on sales recruitment and marketing staffing, our employment agency is able to focus on the different facets that help some of our countries best job seekers connect with our top client base which consists of companies from 6 continents. Learn more about KAS here.

Some of the industries our employment agency works in includes: marketing recruiting in finance, software, hardware, fashion, consumer goods, construction, food and beverage and many more.

The clients our executive search firm works with range in size and all possess unique cultures, though are entrepreneurial in nature and are comprised of some of the most talented marketing professionals in their respective industry.

How Our Recruiters Can Help

Regardless of level of job seeker or size of company, KAS Placement's marketing employment agency has executive search specialists who will take the time to learn about your needs and make the necessary recommendations on how to best work with our staffing firm.

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