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KAS Placement is a San Diego sales recruitment, media staffing and marketing executive search firm specializing in staffing sales, sales management, marketing and media employees throughout the greater San Diego area.

Since 2005, our San Diego sales recruiters have had a strict focus on sales and marketing staffing which results in the ability to serve both our recruiting clients and job seekers with an expertise that overly diversified executive search firms cannot.


Our San Diego sales and marketing headhunters work with all sizes of clients ranging from large, publicly traded companies to smaller, more entrepreneurial firms looking to either begin or increase the count of their sales and marketing or media employment team within the Southern California region.

Since the inception of our recruitment and executive search agency, our San Diego headhunters have successfully recruited jobseekers in nearly 100 industries with a turnover rate of less than 3%.

KAS Placement has clients from over 30 countries.

Recruiter Breakdown

Our San Diego recruitment professionals staff all levels of sales applicants and have extensive experience recruiting job applicants at the graduate recruitment level to the executive staffing of key leadership roles within the organizations of our clients.

San Diego Sales Recruitment Services

Upon staffing sales job seekers in San Diego, our San Diego recruiting professionals look for business development job seekers who not only have the ability to prospect for new business, but who also enjoy finding new revenue streams for their employer.

Additionally, our San Diego sales recruitment agents look for sales job seekers who have a keen ability to manage and up sell existing accounts, thus forging meaningful, long-term relationships with their clients.

San Diego Marketing Recruitment Services

Upon recruiting marketing job seekers in San Diego our recruitment and staffing professionals recruit marketing job seekers of all levels beginning at graduate recruitment going all the way up to the executive search of marketing recruitment and job seeking professionals in the Southern California area.

Our headhunters look for marketing job seekers who have both the creative and analytical expertise to assist a salesforce with incoming leads and who have the ability to initiate different marketing platforms to supplement the revenue flow of our client company.

San Diego Sales Management Recruitment Services

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