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Continued - Questions to Ask on a Sales Interview

3. Is salary able to be renegotiated in 6 months?

Only use this if you are feeling put off by the offer given.

Otherwise, you will come across as a risk; meaning that you are someone who will leverage any short-term success that you have with the company.

While this may not scare a HR rep., ask this question when offered a fair salary with a business owner and you're bound to be suspect.

4. Where do you see the company in 3 years? Where do you see the firm in 5 years?

Your future with any firm is only as good as the future of the firm itself.

Throwing out specific long-term plans is nearly impossible and, most of the time confidential, but getting a rough gauge of where the interviewer thinks the company is going can save you from sinking with a ship that half in the water.

5. What is the quota? What percentage of employees typically reach that number? What exceed that number?

Before taking a sales job, always know what the quota is.

While some companies may not always know this (i.e. due to growth, new business segments, etc.), the ones who firmly do should be fair in the expectations put upon you.

Starting a position at a new company carries enough stress as is; trying to reach an unobtainable sales goal will turn that stress into pure misery.

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