Ken Sundheim CEO KAS.  Ken Sundheim started the company in 2005.
CEO Ken Sundheim's expertise has been in most major media outlets as well as Ken is well known among the sales and sales management world.
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Ken Sundheim Career Coaching

KAS Recruitment Agency

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I started a very successful staffing agency from the ground-up and during this time, I have become exceedingly effective at getting people job offers at interesting, well-paying companies...even when they think they are out of options.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Coaching

When a recent college graduate is unemployed, there are many factors that could be at play, though I mitigate these preventative factors with resume writing, coaching and interviewing preparation.

Top-tier writing skills and compellingly strong knowledge of business and careers has allowed me to be published over 400x by some of the most reputable sources. When you combine this with years upon years of experience looking at job applications, it is probable that there are not many as effective as I at writing resumes and cover letters that spawn job interview after job interview.

In conjunction, I'm highly effective at the executive recruiting aspect of my job which entails mentoring and prepping job seekers who are interviewing with our clients. In a short period of time, I can give a job applicant a sizable competitive advantage against others going for the same job.

When you combine these strengths, I am able to help people get job offers in a very efficient manner that leads to a strong, fulfilling career.

One of Many Successes

"Working with Ken Sundheim and KAS Placement was truly a pleasure, as the process not only helped me get a full time job...Having been raised under the assumption that getting a full time job would be exponentially easier after getting a college degree, I was quickly humbled. Ken and KAS Placement were there whenever I needed them for anything, and allowed me the coaching and advice I needed to help me find a job to get me started in my professional career."

Miles Thomas, University of Delaware

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Each individual case is different, therefore to get more information and a rough estimate on pricing, email: [email protected] subject: "EL". Please note that I will only speak with the individuals who are paying for the service - usually the parents or relatives of the recent college graduate. No exceptions on this one.

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