Atlanta recruitment agencies
CEO of our Atlanta recruitment agency, Ken Sundheim has been featured in Forbes, NYTimes, AOL, MSN, Chicago Tribune and more.
Atlanta recruitment agencies

Atlanta Recruitment Agencies

A leader in the recruiting field, the Atlanta recruiters at KAS Placement specialize in the executive recruiting of sales and marketing personnel throughout the greater Atlanta area. Recognized as a finalist to be on Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies' list, our recruitment agency is at the top of the staffing business.

Recruitment Specialization

As a recruitment agency, you cannot be everything to everyone. The Atlanta recruiters at KAS Placement only specialize in the sales recruitment and marketing recruitment to ensure that our recruiting agency is the best in the best business.

For companies of all sizes, sales and marketing recruitment is too important to leave up to Atlanta recruitment agencies with over-diversified recruiting expertise. As the front-line of an organization's product(s) or service(s), sales and marketing can mean the difference between an industry leader and an average company.

Atlanta Sales Recruitment Agencies

The sales recruitment professionals at KAS Placement are some of the best when it comes to locating and staffing the top business development professionals in the Atlanta area. Our headhunters are keen at finding the sales professionals who are creative, have integrity, are personable, understand your business, under your clients' business, can prospect and, ultimately close deals.

Job Seekers

To the job seekers of our Atlanta marketing recruitment agency, KAS Placement is keen on finding the job seekers who come to our staffing agency a better career through working with clients who pay well, appreciate their employees, have room for growth, have leadership within their management structure and have the ability to provide a job that is challenging in an environment where the employee is rewarded for personal achievements.

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