Staffing Process

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Executive Staffing Process

All executive staffing processes at KAS Placement are done very methodically, quickly and accurately.

Below, you’ll find a step by step synopsis on how we find your company your best possible job applicant in the most efficient way possible:

1. Kick-off Call – Clients will have a kick-off call with all the recruiters who will be directly responsible for their account in order to solidify the exact client needs and give expectations as to pricing, timeline for search and answer any questions.

2. Research Phase – The recruiters at KAS Placement will do extensive research on your company to determine your corporate culture, company background and ideal traits in the employee(s) whom you’re looking to hire.

3. Applicant Gathering – Once step two is completed, KAS Placement will utilize over 12 different avenues to locate candidates including an unmatched network comprised of only sales and marketing personnel.

4. Prequalify Candidates – Every headhunter working on your account will interview each applicant to determine if the qualities set forth during the kick-off call and research phase match the client’s requirements.

5. Resume Gathering and Interview Set-up – Once the top resumes are chosen by the recruiters at KAS Placement, we begin sending the client pre qualified, relevant resumes and facilitate the interview process to make it easier on all parties.

6. Background Checks and References – The staffing team at KAS Placement does background checks and will connect with job applicant references once a hire is ready to be made.